Chetan Yadav

Founder and CEO, GharAshiyana


“Leaders are not born, they’re made.”


This adage sums up the inspiring journey of Mr. Chetan Yadav, Founder and CEO at Ghar Ashiyana. When it comes to entrepreneurs, Mr. Yadav is as good as they can get. Being one of the top business minds of Jaipur, he is overhauling the real estate agency as we know it.


Born in Alwar, Mr. Yadav went on to eventually live all around the country owing to his father’s transferable Indian Air Force job. He ultimately settled in Jaipur after his father’s retirement and went on to gain valuable hands-on experience of 15 years in the Real Estate Industry of the state.


Being a Top-level Management figure in multiple leading Real Estate companies exposed Mr. Yadav to a plethora of knowledge and experience and as a result, he is known as a leading Real Estate strategist of Rajasthan today. He eventually caved into his entrepreneurial spirit and went on to establish Ghar Ashiyana in Jaipur.


He has been a pioneer in making the real estate industry more transparent by solving various pain points of the customers. His prowess is now paving way for Ghar Ashiyana to thrive in the market and be a leading Real Estate advisory and marketing consultancy firm in the nation.


As he often says when talking on the subject of success, "This is only the beginning."